Prostavar Scams Busted

Prostavar Rip Off

Prostavar Rip Off

A Prostavar rip off ? When is the last time you bought a product and it did not live up to its promises? It happens every day, and consumers are left empty handed. It is even worse when it is a product like Prostavar that is promising relief to issues that affect so many older men: prostate problems. The symptoms of prostate issues and BPH are unbearable for many men, and the drugs prescribed often are either ineffective or have side effects that make them undesirable. A product like Prostavar then comes along and makes claims that it can help not only relieve the symptoms but without any negative consequences. Is Prostavar rip off, or is it worth a try?

Prostavar Hype

The maker of this supplement claims that they have put together a superior formula using only the highest qualities natural ingredients that can help with prostate issues. They back their claims with studies that have been done on the individual components, not necessarily on Prostavar itself. Some of the claims are:

Reduction of frequent urination. They claim that saw palmetto, Pygeum Africanum and beta-sitosterol all help in different ways to stop the frequent need to urinate that is so common in prostate problems such as BPH. There have been studies on all three of these on their effectiveness with this issue and some are approved in European countries for treatment of BPH or urination issues.

Promotes prostate health. They claim that ingredients such as zinc, lycopene and vitamins along with the herbs can help maintain a healthier prostate. Some of these such as zinc are well known to be important in prostate function, even by U.S. doctors.

Reduction of prostate size. These claims, along with lowering PSA levels, are the bread and butter of what Prostavar is all about. If there is reduction in size or PSA levels, then the symptoms will dissipate as well. Some customers have claimed that their PSA levels have been reduced after taking the supplement.

Is It a Prostavar Rip Off?

There is always a risk when you buy anything that you will not be satisfied. Whether it is a new television or Prostavar, one person may love the product and the next may hate it. This is especially true in the medical world. All bodies are unique and react differently to drugs and even natural supplements. What works for one person’s ailment does not always work for someone else, even when the symptoms seem similar.

So is it a Prostavar rip off? You decide. Since it is a natural product, it is safe to take and will not react with other medications or supplements the person is taking. It is also guaranteed, so you can always ask for your money back if it does not work. However, if it does work, the benefits can definitely outweigh any risk in trying it.

Prostavar is available direct from the manufacturer for as cheap as $22.85 per bottle depending on which package you get at or by calling them at 1-800-815-2398.

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