Prostavar Scams Busted

Prostavar Fraud

Prostavar Fraud

Have you heard rumors of Prostavar fraud? There are companies out there that are trying to make a profit off of claiming to be able to help men with prostate problems such as BPH. The men who live with these conditions know the difficulties it can create in your life. The frequent and painful urination can make even a day road trip unbearable and the nights full of restlessness. The prescription drugs have side effects that are often worse then the symptoms. So when companies like Prostavar start claiming to have a product that can actually help, you have to wonder what the catch is.

Can Prostavar Deliver?

Claims that are hard to believe are often made by companies like Prostavar. Fraud charges often follow. Their products have only natural ingredients that are found in everyday foods like tomatoes, grapes and apples. Yet Prostavar claims it can relieve symptoms of BPH without any side effects. So what are these natural components and what do the supposedly do?

Saw Palmetto. This small palm tree has a fruit that contains phytosterols that have been used to improve urination dysfunction that in common in BPH. Although it has been approved in some European countries for the treatment of this condition, the U.S. FDA has not approved it for this use.

Beta-Sitosterol. This is another component that is touted to help with prostate problems by reducing the production of DHT. It is also prescribed in Europe to relieve frequent urination but has not been approved yet in the U.S.

Pygeum. This plant extract also contains phytosterols but it thought to have different effects then saw palmetto. It is used in Germany, Austria and France for urinary issues.

Prostavar also contains other ingredients such as lycopene and quercetin that are both anti-oxidants and the mineral zinc. For treatment of BPH and other prostate issues, the FDA has approved none of these ingredients.

Prostavar Fraud?

So is this company committing fraud by making these claims of their product? Since it is a natural supplement, they do not have to go through the same FDA testing as pharmaceutical companies so their claims are not necessarily fraudulent. According to their customers, the product seems to be working for many of them. Whether it is just a “placebo” effect or not, they are having results that have made them willing to even leave testimonials on the companies website.

If the product didn’t not work, business would quickly dry up for Prostavar. Fraud, however, is a serious charge. They offer a guarantee on their product so if the claims are fraudulent, the customers can always return it for a refund. Without return business, not many companies can continue to operate so time will tell whether Prostavar can back up it’s claims. The customers who decide to give it a try will either get the results they are looking for or they can at least get their money back.

Prostavar is available direct from the manufacturer for as cheap as $22.85 per bottle depending on which package you get at or by calling them at 1-800-815-2398.

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