Prostavar Scams Busted

Prostavar In Stores

Prostavar In Stores

If you think you have seen Prostavar in stores, do not be fooled, as it may be a counterfeit product. Unfortunately for unsuspecting consumers, there are many scam artists out there trying to make a quick buck off marketing products that looks similar and have names close to Prostavar. One sign that it is not the original is that you cannot currently buy Prostavar in stores.

Prostavar original

The original Prostavar is unique from these counterfeit products in many ways. As the old adage goes “you get what you pay for” is very true in nutritional supplements. It is fairly easy to counterfeit these products and say that they contain the same milligrams of the different herbs and vitamins. However, there is a large difference between the potency of herbs in the original product and the “fake” Prostavar in stores and other websites.

Bulk herbs and plants that have active components used for medicinal purposes may differ greatly in the amount each plant contains of the actual active ingredients. Even plants grown side by side for the same length of time can vary. The only way to make sure each pill of Prostavar has the same amount of active ingredients is to standardize the herbs used in the formula.

Triple Tested

Each batch of Prostavar is triple tested to make sure the quality and potency is consistent. The law does not require this testing, so other products that look similar to Prostavar in stores and other websites, do not necessarily have the same effectiveness. The three steps that every pill of the original formula goes through before Prostavar is sold are:

  1. When herbal shipments arrive, each herb is tested for potency and to make sure they are free from any contaminants.
  2. One the herbal formula is made, it is tested once again for consistency to make sure it is exactly the right quantities of each ingredient.
  3. After the herbal extracts are but into pill form, the pill is tested to once again make sure that the formula has remained intact through the manufacturing process.

Knowing that you are getting the true formula that has been rated the number one supplement by the American Council on Men’s Health Products two years running is important if you want results. Although you may one day be able to buy Prostavar Rx in stores, for now it is only available online. Due to fraudulent products online as well, it is best to buy it directly from Superbalife International at and not look for Prostavar in stores.

Unfortunately when a product is as effective as Prostavar, in stores around the country there are going to be products trying to cash in on its success by mimicking the look and formula. Let the buyer beware of these knock-off products that do little more than cash in on Prostavar’s name without delivering the potent formula that only the original can deliver. Don’t look for Prostavar in stores. Enjoy the convenience of buying it online.

Prostavar is available direct from the manufacturer for as cheap as $22.85 per bottle depending on which package you get at or by calling them at 1-800-815-2398.

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