Prostavar Scams Busted

Prostavar Ingredients

Prostavar Ingredients

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the prostate health supplement Prostavar lately, but do not buy Prostavar until you read this! Men who suffer from an enlarged prostate, BPH or other prostate complaints may be tempted to try any supplement they can find, if it promises relief. Because so many of these supplements are not as effective as they claim to be, it’s important to do your homework before making a prostate supplement purchase.

Are Prostavar Ingredients Effective?

Unlike other prostate supplements on the market, Prostavar is formulated from high-quality ingredients extracted through a laborious, time-consuming process that yields the finest, most pure extracts of any supplement on the market. Prostavar ingredients are processed carefully to ensure peak effectiveness in every dose. Because the combination of Prostavar ingredients is unique and comprised of the highest-quality extracts, they have been shown to consistently provide men with reproductive health benefits in the majority of cases.

Due to the fact that Prostavar ingredients are all-natural and herbal extracts, the supplement may not be completely effective for 100% of users. While there have been customers that were not pleased with the results they received, they are greatly outnumbered by those that have found relief from the symptoms of their prostate problems through the unique combination of Prostavar ingredients.

Are Prostavar Ingredients Safe?

The most pressing concern for most men contemplating the addition of a supplement that promotes prostate health to their daily regimen is whether or not the use of that supplement is safe for them. Prostavar is manufactured in the United States, in compliance with strict U.S. FDA standards. Most over-the-counter supplement manufacturers do not go to this extreme because they aren’t technically required to do so; however, Superbalife International is committed to producing a safe, high-quality product in accordance with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices. Despite the higher cost of manufacturing their product in such a strictly controlled environment, Superbalife International complies with FDA standards to ensure customers that they will always receive a safely manufactured product.

There are no known side effects that accompany the use of Prostavar, and no associated contraindications with Prostavar ingredients. This means that you can safely use Prostavar without concerns about harmful drug interactions or unpleasant reactions to the all-natural herbal extracts that Prostavar contains.

What Are the Active Prostavar Ingredients?

Prostavar is formulated from a combination of natural extracts. Saw palmetto, which supports hormonal balance, immune function and prostate function while increasing libido has been shown to be an effective treatment for BPH in lab studies. Prostavar also contains beta-sitosterol, which is the single most effective natural remedy for prostate problems due to it’s ability to inhibit Dihydrotestosterone production, the hormone that stimulates prostate growth. Lycopene, the powerful antioxidant derived from tomatoes, has also shown great promise as a preventative measure that promotes prostate health and may decrease the chances of prostate disease when used as a daily supplement. Pygeum Africanum treats urinary symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate and has been widely used by European BPH patients, while quercitin helps to relieve prostatitis and prostate paint. Prostavar also contains the essential nutrient zinc, vitamin B-6, vitamin E and stinging nettle extract.

The stringent manufacturing process and high quality ingredients used in the formulation of Prostavar make it the premier over-the-counter supplement for supporting prostate health and treating the symptoms of a variety of prostate-related ailments. The commitment to quality and safe practices adopted by Superbalife International are made apparent by the power and effectiveness of this amazing supplement.

Prostavar is available direct from the manufacturer for as cheap as $22.85 per bottle depending on which package you get at or by calling them at 1-800-815-2398.

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