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Prostavar Review

Prostavar Review

Prostavar ReviewOf the many supplements designed to promote prostate health on the market today, the results of our Prostavar review have been the most impressive. Suberbalife International’s product yielded consistently positive results in laboratory tests, performing at a level that exceeded expectations in every respect. Superbalife International credits their “Supercritical Extraction” processing technique for the incredible effectiveness of their treatment and the flood of positive Prostavar reviews from satisfied users. Supercritical extraction processes deliver a highly concentrated, impressively pure extract; no mean feat considering the thick, gummy texture of many of the natural compounds used to formulate Prostavar. Though extracting these compounds is complex and time consuming, the results of their lab reports speak for themselves. Perhaps most impressive of all is the jaw-dropping 139mg of sterols per dose, rendering a product deserving of the many glowing Prostavar reviews. Our survey, conducted on a national level, named Prostavar the most popular prostate supplement by a landslide, the veritable flood of testimonials from men and their wives declaring the life-changing power of Prostavar speaking volumes for it’s effectiveness. The rock star of commercially available prostate supplements, Superbalife International’s Prostavar is well deserving of being our 2012 Product of the Year. To try this amazing product for yourself, visit or call 1-800-815-2398 and join the many thrilled users submitting glowing Prostavar rx reviews today!

Prostavar Basics:

In the research phase of our intensive Prostavar review, we discovered that the supplement contains an impressive level of sterol-rich saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol along with other all natural ingredients proven to be effective in treating benign prostatic hypertrophy, or BPH. This benign enlargement of the prostate gland can cause urinary problems that include incontinence, painful or bloody urination, incomplete bladder elimination and urinary retention. Thankfully, our Prostavar rx review showed clear results, indicating a 94% success rate within days of beginning treatment; this rapid effectiveness can be attributed to the astonishing 139mg or sterols, almost triple the amount found in other over-the-counter prostate supplements.

Prostavar Ingredients:

Over the course of our Prostavar review, we found that the supplement was rich in saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol, quercitin and pygeum extract. Prostavar also contains zinc monomethionine, vitamin E and lycopene, the antioxidant-rich compound derived from tomatoes and celebrated for it’s health benefits.

Does Prostavar Work?:

The Prostavar rx review and research that we conducted shows that yes, for the majority of men, Prostavar is an effective treatment. The high levels of saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol have been shown to reduce prostate inflamation in several studies, while pygeum extract aids in the reduction of significant prostate enlargement. One study conducted in Europe indicated that Prostavar reduced the majority of BPH symptoms by up to 40%, including frequent nighttime urination and low urinary flow.

Men suffering from chronic prostratitis, a chronic infections swelling of the prostate, may discover that the quercitin Prostavar contains is an effective treatment. One study whose findings were reported in Urology showed that supplements containing quercitin reduced symptoms of chronic prostratits by at least 25%, including inflammation and discomfort.

The lab tests we conducted as part of our Prostavar review indicate that the 139mg of sterols per dose that Prostavar contains sets it apart from other over-the-counter prostate supplements. Sterols are naturally-occurring compounds found in saw palmetto, and have been shown to reduce prostate enlargement and inflammation. These high levels of sterols are a strong indicator of the high purity level of the saw palmetto extract used to formulate Prostavar; other supplements often contain overly-processed saw palmetto that yields low leevels of sterols. This was certainly not what we found in our Prostavar rx review.

Is Prostavar Safe?

The most important aspect of our Prostavar review was determining the safety of the supplement. Fortunately, the incredible effectiveness was not accompanied by any known side effects; furthermore, there are absolutely no known contraindications associated with Prostavar. This means that Prostavar users will not suffer dangerous side effects from drug interactions, and can safely pair Prostavar with other supplements or herbal therapy.

Grade: A+
In conclusion, the results of our Prostavar rx review have revealed that the supplement more than deserves the “rock star of commercially available prostate supplements” title. Prostavar reviews from scores of satisfied users show that the supplement is overwhelmingly effective in the treatment of enlarged prostate and to promote prostate health. Prostavar also treats urinary infections and painful urination, making it the single most effective prostate health supplement on the market today.

Prostavar is available direct from the manufacturer for as cheap as $22.85 per bottle depending on which package you get at or by calling them at 1-800-815-2398.

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